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Short Term productions

  • Durations upto 60 days.
  • Gross production cost of $1,000,000 or less.
  • Coverage only for shoots in the US or Canada.
  • Optional coverage for Stunts, Animals, Precision Driving, Pyrotechnics, Cast Extra Expense.

The fastest way to get a policy is by calling JonPaul at (323) 331-9534 , or you can send him an email.

If it is after hours or the weekend, or you would like more information, please fill out the form below. You will receive an email which will include descriptions of coverages and minimum premiums. JonPaul will follow up as soon as possible.

  • Refine Your Request

      Check any statement that is true for your situation:

        If you need a $1,000,000 (or greater) general liability policy.
        If you want to shoot at a someone else's property and insure it for damage.
        If you are renting some equipment for your production(other than a vehicle).
        If you want to insure equipment you own used for a production.
        If you will rent a car or other vehicle for use in your production.
        If your production will include one or more of the following:
      • Stunts
      • Pyrotechnics
      • Boats, Airplanes or Trains
      • Animals
      • Blanks, Squibs or Guns
        If this is NOT the first time you have obtained insurance for a production.
        If you are paying people to appear in or work on your production.
        If you plan to pay for your insurance with a credit card.
        If you plan to pay for your insurance with a check.
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