Short Term Specialty Unit


Our Short Term Specialty Unit is specifically for those involved in entertainment who need insurance coverages for a short period of time. Short Term Coverages include:

  • General Liability
  • Third Party Property Damage
  • Owned & Rented Equipment
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Non Owned and Hired Auto

The Short Term Unit can also provide complete production coverage for films, television and commercial shoots with budgets up to $1,000,000 when principal photography lasts for 60 days or less. Productions involving stunts, pyrotechnics, squib and animals can be covered.

The key to our Short Term Specialty Unit is speed and efficiency. The biggest headache for the production company is often certificates of insurance. Many filming locations require you present them with a certificate of insurance, naming them as an additional insured, before they allow you on the property. Equipment rental houses also require certificates of insurance before you they will rent you equipment. If your production decides at 5:00 PM friday evening that it needs to rent a piece of equipment for a shoot the next morning, getting a certificate of insurance becomes a do or die proposition.

The Short Term Specialty Unit knows the ropes when it comes to getting the correctly worded certificate out fast, eliminating delays on your production. We monitor emails and respond to certificate requests nights and weekends. In many cases we can set you up so that you can generate your own certificates as you need them via the Internet.

NOTE - Coverages other than General Liability are priced based on them being packaged with General Liability. Some coverages below may not be available stand alone, but must be obtained WITH General Liability Coverage.

Click on the headings below to read more:

  • General Liability

      General Liability protects against claims of bodily injury or property damage arising out of filming activity. The requirement for short term general liability coverage is often dictated by the property owners whose property you want to use. Common reasons for needing short term coverage include:

      • A property owner requires you to obtain General Liability coverage before they allow you to film on their property.
      • A state or municipal governmental agency requires you to obtain General Liability coverage before you are allowed to film on publicly owned land.
      • You want the protection from bodily injury or property damage claims resulting from your filming activity.
  • Third Party Property Damage

      A common misconception for those insuring their first production is the issue of Third Party Property Damage. A General Liability policy only covers damage to property not under the care, custody or control of the insured. Suppose you rent a home and film scenes inside for your production. If you damage the home during filming activity, it is NOT covered under General Liability. This is because the home is under your care, custody or control, which is excluded under a General Liability Policy. If on the other hand, you damage the neighbor's property during your filming activity, that would be covered under General Liability.

      If you intend to rent a home for filming, Third Party Property Damage coverage would be required to protect you against any damage claims to the property occurring during filming activities.

      Third Property damage is a component of the General Liability coverage. You must obtain General Liability coverage in order to be covered for Third Property Property Damage.

  • Owned & Rented Equipment

      An equipment floater is often required to cover equipment that moves from location to location. Reasons for needing an equipment floater include:

      • A rental company requires you obtain your own insurance for the equipment you want to rent.
      • You own equipment, and you will be using that equipment on a production, and you want to be covered against loss of the equipment.
  • Workers' Compensation

      Most states requires you to obtain Workers' Compensation insurance for those you hire to work on your production. If you hire someone to work on your production, and they are hurt or killed in the course of conducting any activity in support of that production, you could be liable. A workers' compensation policy will protect you from these claims.

  • Non owned and Hired Automobile

      If you are renting motor vehicles for use in your production, and you want to protect yourself from bodily injury or property damage claims caused by the vehicles while being used in your production, Non Owned and Hired automobile coverage may be required.

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