Equipment Rental


An equipment floater provides coverage for property that moves from location to location from the perils of theft, fire, windstorm, earthquake, flood, etc.

Those involved in the production of film and television require specialized equipment floater policies to cover the unique equipment commonly used, including:

  • cameras and camera equipment
  • sound and lighting equipment, portable electrical equipment, communications equipment
  • editing and projection equipment
  • miscellaneous mobile equipment including customized equipment trailers, catering trailers, mobile dressing rooms and honey wagons
  • props, sets and wardrobe
  • live plants (if used as part of a set)
  • musical instruments
  • theatrical stage equipment
  • mobile recording/broadcasting studio vehicles and equipment permanently attached to such vehicles, if specifically scheduled.

For the movie/television production company, which normally rents the equipment needed to produce their project, rented equipment coverage is included in a Production Package policy under Miscellaneous (Rented) Equipment. In addition, a production package policy can also cover equipment owned by the production company.

  • Short Term Equipment Floater policy

      For the lower budget production that does not require or want a Production Insurance Package policy, but must obtain insurance in order to rent production equipment, a short term Equipment Floater policy would be required. A short term equipment floater policy is effective for a specific period of time, normally 1 to 60 days. The Truman Van Dyke Company maintains a special Short Term Specialty Unit specifically for these types of productions.

  • Miscellaneous Equipment Floater Policy

      For an entertainment related business that owns their equipment and must transport their equipment to various locations, but retains control of the equipment while in use, an equipment floater policy is required to properly cover the equipment. Property that is used in connection with a business activity is not covered under a homeowner's policy, hence the need for a miscellaneous equipment floater policy.

  • Rental House Policy

      The rental house business is complex from an insurance standpoint. Often a business that rents equipment also installs the equipment prior to turning control over to the renter, requiring specialized coverage for the installation activity. The rental house must also provide basic property coverage for the rental yard, or other property used in their business.

      The Truman Van dyke Company has been insuring entertainment related rental houses for over 40 years. We are experts at working with the rental house in specifying and placing the exact right combination of coverages required to properly insure the business against potential risks.

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