We insure individuals involved in the entertainment industry including musicians, touring entertainers, actors, writers, directors, producers, screenwriters, editors, or people who are simply high profile and need protection from lawsuits in this highly litigious society.

The Truman Van Dyke Company has a long history of handling the insurance needs of entertainers and other high profile entertainment industry professionals, (see our company's history). When Truman Van Dyke Sr. left silent pictures in the late 1920's, his first clients were the entertainers and other professionals he knew from his silent film days.

These individuals are often represented by business management firms, we can work with these managers performing a very specialized role as a trusted business partner. Our attention to detail, market knowledge, and responsiveness set us apart from our competition. Our clients can call us at any time and expect results. We work with the top entertainment insurers to obtain the best coverage possible, at the most competitive rates, without sacrificing coverage and protection.

Entertainers may require any number specialized insurance policies including:

  • General Liability for Shell Corporations
  • Umbrella Coverage
  • Personal Lines (Home & Auto)
  • Coverage for their tours and performances

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  • General Liability for Shell Corporations

      Typically entertainers operate as Shell Corporations, mostly as a way to conduct their business anonymously away from the curious eyes of a celebrity enthralled public. The classic definition of a shell corporation is 'a corporation without significant assets or operations', but often this is NOT the case with an entertainer's shell corporation. For example the simple act of hiring a personal assistant may expose the entertainer to bodily injury or property damage claims. A General Liability policy for a shell corporation is essential to fully protect the entertainer.

      The Truman Van Dyke Company has a near 80 year legacy of insuring entertainers and providing general liability insurance for their shell corporations. Truman Van Dyke Sr. was a pioneer in this field of insurance. No other entertainment insurance agency has this vast experience to draw from.

  • Umbrella Coverage

      Contrary to popular belief an umbrella policy is not simply extra insurance coverage that sits on top of primary insurance policies, i.e. homeowner's policy, auto policy or general liability policy. A true umbrella policy would fill in coverage gaps in underlying primary policies. If an entertainer were to be successfully sued, and the legal defense costs and award exceeds the limit of their primary policy, an umbrella policy would pay for costs exceeding primary policy limits, up to the umbrella policy limit. If a primary insurer declines any coverage under their policy, an umbrella policy can fill that gap and provide coverage. In this celebrity crazed and litigious society, an Umbrella policy with at least a 5 million dollar limit is often essential for the entertainer or other high net worth individuals.

      The Truman van Dyke Company is expert at finding quality and competitively priced umbrella policies for the often unique and complex primary policy portfolio of the entertainment professional.

  • Personal Lines (Home & Auto)

      Entertainers and other entertainment professionals often have unique requirements for their personal lines of insurance. These requirements include high valued homes, multiple homes, high valued automobiles, multiple automobiles, automobile collections and facilities to garage them, etc. Truman Van Dyke has access to many personal lines markets geared towards these special circumstances.

  • Tours & Performances

      Entertainers that perform live and or tour must insure these events. The coverages required typically include the following:

      • General Liability
      • Workers' Compensation
      • Non Owned and Hired Auto
      • Equipment Floater
      • Umbrella

      The Truman Van Dyke Company is expert in putting together a comprehensive package of policies to properly cover touring musicians, theatrical productions and other entertainment endeavors that involve travel, venues, hired musicians and actors, etc.

      General Liability

      A tour is treated as a business operation with a limited duration. A general liability policy specifically for the duration of the tour is required to protect the entertainer from claims of bodily injury or property damage as a direct result of the tour or performance.

      Workers' Compensation

      Anyone hired to work on a tour must be covered by workers' compensation in most states. We have access to a broad array of workers' compensation markets and know the ins and outs of insuring a multi state tour.

      Non Owned and Hired Auto

      Any tour or performance will usually include a transportation component that exposes the entertainer to bodily injury or property damage claims arising out of the use of motorized vehicles, (tour buses, equipment trucks, rented automobiles, etc.) A special short term Non Owned and Hired Automobile policy is required to properly cover the traveling entertainer.

      Equipment Floater

      Often a tour or performance will entail expensive equipment, either owned by the performer, or rented. An equipment floater will be required to properly insure the entertainer from direct physical damage to or loss of the equipment.

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